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Company Profile

As the consumer market continues to boom over the past decade, the younger generation has become the main audience. The rise of e-commerce has differentiated brands, thus affecting the supply and demand structure of the packaging and service industries.

HTA has developed from a traditional packaging factory into a new generation of printing and packaging enterprises driven by innovation and environmental protection. We specialize in 100% biodegradable packaging with the best creative talent and quality manufacturing management. How to make better environmentally friendly packaging is the driving force behind HTA.

The highlight of HTA compared with other factories is our innovative design capabilities, rich professional industry experience, high efficiency, competitive prices, one-stop packaging solution services and a strong sense of social responsibility. We provide customers with customized, diverse and global designs.

With enthusiasm and professionalism, our solutions attract global B2C and B2B companies from the heart of Chinese manufacturing.

Enterprise strength

High speed automatic machine

Pulp line system

Semi-automatic machine

Semi-automatic machine

Semi-automatic machine

Pulp molding production process

Production process of pulp moulding: first mould making => pulping => forming => gluing => heat setting => trimming => post-processing => quality inspection, packing

development path

  • Established in 2012, the traditional packaging company HT Packaging Co., LTD., main: packaging design, printing, packaging boxes, gift bags, etc., and proficient in packaging post-processing technology, CMYK, Pantone color printing, UV printing, hot gold and silver, is a professional research and design manufacturers.


    In production management, we focus on concentration, professionalism, the courage to reform, and the pursuit of high efficiency, energy saving, quality, quantity, warranty period of the business philosophy. Product design center professional service in product modeling, product packaging. We sincerely provide customers with a system to solve the product line planning and brand image of the integration of the solution, comprehensively enhance the comprehensive value of products and brands, has been liked and favored by many customers.

  • Based on the overall consideration of corporate strategic development, the company established HTA with U. S. capital HT Huatai, and gradually developed from a traditional packaging factory to a new generation of printing and packaging enterprise driven by innovation and environmental protection. Comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, expand market opportunities, and overcome the barriers to international market entry.


    We always take "lead the development of industry technology, protect the earth environment and ecology" as the mission, to customer needs, product value as the guidance, to provide customers with customized, diversified, global design, production of customer needs, customer satisfaction, customer trust of high quality packaging products. With our passion and professionalism, our solutions attract global B2C and B2B companies from Chinese manufacturing centers.

  • HTA was established and began to develop paper pulp molding, which was gradually applied in different industry scenarios.


    Low-carbon and environmentally friendly packaging is the future of the earth's environment, pulp molding is mainly biodegradable, composted properties, truly take the nature and return to nature. Therefore, we focus on 100% biodegradable packaging, pulp molded packaging is integrated in production, and how to make better environmentally friendly packaging is the driving force behind HTA.


    Our packaging is used in cosmetics, FMCG food, consumer electronics, alcohol, aviation industries. HTA highlights compared to other factories are our innovative design capabilities, rich professional industry experience, high efficiency, competitive pricing, one-stop package solutions services and a strong sense of social responsibility.

  • In the past two years, we have successfully developed and landed many heavy and environmentally friendly paper pulp molding packaging and products.


    We continue to innovate in the basic public mold, according to adjust the form of the lining, adjust the form of the outer packaging, to match the packaging needs of different products. Then through the surface pattern process customization (Concavity  / Bronzing process... ), to become a very diversified characteristics, through the paper pulp molding, fully automatic production of packaging products with low loss rate, high cost performance and environmental protection characteristics have won the favor and buyback of many customers.


    Important partners of the enterprise are:Alibaba , ByteDance, Tencent, Starbucks, Yanghe Shares, SONY,  Adidas, Skyworth.........

  • HTA set up Dongguan R & D Center, cooperate with major universities in China to develop new materials and new technologies, multi-color pulp packaging, train professionals for the pulp molding industry, research and develop the latest technology, and provide customers with research and development and innovative packaging.


    Mold center 50+CNC, pulp center has 20+ pulp system, 60+ automatic molding system, 100+ pulp molding automatic production line, 30+ semi-automatic production line, large high-speed oil injection line, automatic rotary cutting machine, automatic V slot machine, not only for customers to customize packaging, but also for the enterprise to enhance value. Choose HTA and redefine the unboxing experience.

company culture

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    Relative innovation, absolute degradation.

    Relative innovation, absolute degradation.


Test Report
HTA FSC certificate_001

Social responsibility

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    Environmental Protection Industry

    With the increase of global pollution, governments around the world are actively issuing environmental protection policies. Europe has issued a large-scale ban on plastics, and it is urgent to protect the earth. Aavida is well aware of this urgency, and has transformed from a traditional comprehensive paper product packaging company into a manufacturing service provider with high-end environmental protection and biodegradability as its core. How to take innovation as the driving force, environmental protection as the core, and continuous development will always be the core service concept of Aavid. Aavid has been focusing on the research of degradable packaging for more than ten years, and has rich experience in consumer electronics, beauty, food, coffee baking, biotechnology and other fields. At present, mature degradable packaging solutions have been provided for tea, moon cakes, health products, fish maw and other products. HTA will always be committed to the global environmental protection industry, providing professional packaging solutions for various industries with degradable materials.

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    Green factory

    Aavid actively fulfills its environmental responsibilities, advocates green printing, and introduces ISO14001 environmental management system and QC080000 hazardous substance process control system within the company. We control from raw materials, and require suppliers to provide third-party hazardous substance testing reports to ensure that products meet the requirements of our company's "Controlled Substances Specification". We strictly control cross-contamination in the production process, and all production lines meet HSF requirements. Through standard formulation and implementation, organization of training, etc., the concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of every employee. Aimida takes "green, environmentally friendly, low-carbon" printing and packaging as the future development direction of the company. Under the background of advocating a low-carbon circular economy, combined with the company's strategic development plan, it integrates the company's existing R&D strength and increases investment. Strengthen internal and external operations, and promote the development of enterprises in a more environmentally friendly direction.

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    Business philosophy

    With the continuous development of our three major capabilities of production technology capability, marketing capability, and operation capability, Aavid will become a standard output platform company in the future, a big B-end brand company, and has its own global service center. We will empower all cooperative factories with Aavida's brand flow, provide the most professional technical and equipment support for pulp molding, first-class employee training manuals and safe and secure supply chain management.